About Urbsounds label

… started in 2001

we started the Urbsounds Collective in 2001 as a DIY node for experimental electronic music in Slovakia. The main inspiration is gathered from traversing the borders between a decaying industrial society and the new wild east of information culture. For fifteen years Urbsounds has been a closed circle of friends who were releasing music, organizing events, and participating in both the local and global experimental scenes.

Urbsounds label

In 2016 we have opened up to become a platform that promotes artists across the world who share the understanding that music is an inherently political force of change. We collaborate with artists who focus their attention on desolated parts of society and reflect it in a challenging way. There are scars all over this dystopian sprawl we are living in. Urbsounds is collecting the grime that oozes from the wounds, using this fluid to fuel the pressing of vinyl LPs and the coding of digital releases.