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Magadan – Perm 36

power electronics/noise/industrial
After cosmic release “Sojuz” follows the cold one “Perm 36” with its alarming revelations of the dark human conscience. “Perm 36” is also the name of a recently closed museum and an open-air museum of labor camps, which by the use of slavish work helped to build the iron dream of the communist politburo on the bones and suffering of its own people from Donbas to Vladivostok.
Hiding the past, denying crimes, and justifying brutality undergone a harsh sonic analysis and profanation with a clear message: “Victims both of past and present won’t be forgotten”.
Album by Czech duo of extreme electronics with the theme of totalitarian regimes of the recent past and contemporary ones.
 Recorded In 2016

This EP Is Dedicated To Hannibal TriPet (RIP 2017) And Victor Shmyrov And All The People Connected To Perm 36 Museum In Kuchino – Russian Federation

Limited 149 numbered copies